Screen composer

Here is where you set up the look and feel of your service screens. Each screen is composed of many widgets, that you will have then to connect with your service.

Create a screen is really easy. Once you are in our screen creator, you’ll see a list of widgets you can use on the left side. Click on any of them and it will appear in the next available space on the grid on the right. Add as many widgets as you want, but remember that our screens are not scrollable, so your widgets should fit in our 3x5 grid.

You can rearrange the widgets dragging them.

The last step is to give the screen a name and push the save template button.

If everything is ok, you’ll be redirected to your screen information page. Here is where we document how this screen has to be connected with your services.

We know how important are the widgets for you, so we will add more widgets soon.

If your business is critical and your information doesn’t fit in our widgets, we can make custom widgets for you. Just contact us.

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