Is Traken for me?

Traken is for any company that needs mobile real-time data (real-time information, data visualization, metrics, dashboards, alerts, business inteligence...)

Traken is a development solution. So, you'll need technical knowledge or an IT team to make the integration with your company.


Is Traken for me?

Traken is a product focused for its use inside organizations, where teams need the access to information in real time or be alerted when something important happens.

Traken does not allow searching, data filtering or data input.

Traken works great a a solution to see real-time information: 

  • Data: Check any operational information you need to do your job, in real time. Has a flight landed? How many passengers are on it? Has the hotel bookings been dispatched? Does a store achieved its today goals?
  • Dashboards: See any information you need, with or without chats. Last purchases, monthly recurring revenue, average orders...
  • Monitorization: Check any online or offline service to see if it's working properly. Server status, industry equipment, IoT...
  • Prototyping: Are you planning a complex implementation but you want to test it first? Use Traken to make a "Minimum Viable Product" and test it with your users.
  • Alerts: Alert any member of your organization if something important happens and bring them all the necessary information.


Are you non-tech?

If you are non-tech but you have an IT team (internal or external), don't worry. You can (and should) use Traken before the IT guys start their job. 

Someone has to plan and design the way the information has to be shown, and maybe that's you. 

Create a Traken account and go to "Templates" section. There, you'll see our widget library in the left side. Click on any item and it will appear on the grid on the right. You can drag it to set the order of the widgets.

Once you have your screen ready, give it a name and save it.

Forget all the information on the right.

Create as many screens as you need. Once you are are done, let's go to talk with your IT guys.


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