Creating my first Traken service

We’ve made this guide to make you’re life easier when creating your first Traken service.

The first thing you have to do is sign up in Traken Platform, then we can start working.


Planning your service

Planning is everything. You need to know what are you going to use Traken for, and then see how our platform fits your needs.

Suppose you work for a fashion retail company that owns hundreds of stores. Your organization needs some managers that supervise certain stores each one.

Once you know what information your managers needs to handle, you should make some mockups. You can draw it in a napkin if you want, and the result can be something like this.


Design your screens in Traken

Sign in your Traken account, and go to “Templates” from the menu on the right.

There, you have many widgets. Click any of them and it will appear on the grid on the right to compose your screen.

You can create as many screens as you want.


Create RESTful service

We need to fill our screens with real data. It requires making an integration between Traken and your company.

This part requires development. Talk with your IT guys to do the job.

You can find here the full Traken documentation for developers.

Once the service is created, you have to configure it. You just need the URL and API Key provided by your developers and set it up under “Service configuration”.


Download Traken App and register as a user

Now, you can download Traken App and register as a user (it’s a different account, just for the app).


Add users to Traken

Go back to the Traken backend and add the email used for the Traken App registration.

Add as many users as you want to access to the app.

Note that the email used in the Traken App has to be the same than the email you add to the platform.



Check your Traken App. You’ll instantly see your new service created in your mobile phone.

Now, you can distribute Traken App to the users you've given access.



If you can’t see the service, make sure that you have activated your Traken account (both, app and platform) and that the e-mail added in our backend is the same as the Traken App email for the user with the problem.

If everything seems to be fine, try to clear Traken App cache (Settings -> Clear cache) and then close and reopen the app.

If this doesn’t work:

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